Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Has Arrived

Popular Bar With Fresh Coat of Snow On Roof

It looks like winter has arrived and is here to stay. With the onset of more snow (only 2" last night and more on the way) it appears that our blanket of snow is going to stick around for a while. Time to look on the bright side, for that means a white Christmas is just around the corner. Right now the city of Portland looks like a Christmas card with the light dusting we received last night of the white and fluffy variety. All the evergreens have white blobs on them and even the piles of street slush that the snow plows left behind have a pretty white coating. Cross-country skiers are out and about, which is a December abnormality even at this northern latitude.

All this adds up to party time. The warm hearth of the homes, restaurants and drinking establishments beckon everyone to celebrate. Don't forget a trip to the local stage or music club for the offerings are many. Even a recluse like myself will be attending more than one celebratory affair. Happy Holidays.

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