Friday, December 7, 2007

Early Snowstorm

Fence and Snow Shadows

An early snow storm arrived early Monday morning and actually lasted well into Tuesday afternoon. We were graced with periodic stretches of light snow that gave us maybe 6" to 8" here in the city. Some of the mountain areas had 20' of the light fluffy variety. The sun did not come out in full force until Thursday, which is when I took this picture. The oak leaves on the snow are a tell-tale sign that this particular storm was an early arrival.
The oaks are one of the last trees to change colors and hence they are still dropping a few leaves even at this time of year. The young saplings sometimes hold on to copper colored leaf until the spring rolls around, but the big trees are close to bare by now. Perhaps this snow will stay around and give us a white Christmas. That would be wonderful, but it looks things will warm up next week and then bring us some rain. So, if we are to get a white Christmas we will need some more snow. This could easily happen. With one good snowfall under our belt for the season, we could just as likely have one more.

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