Sunday, December 16, 2007

A Nor'Easter Comes To Town

Shopping Cart In The Snow

It was snowing pretty hard at 7 A.M. when I first awoke this morning. The wind was coming hard out of the northeast, driving the snow diagonally across the street and parking lot. The storm must have been blowing for at least an hour or so, because the surface of the parking lot had already turned white. The rest of the local landscape has been white for a couple of weeks now, first indications that we are in for a classic Maine winter. I may even be snowshoeing in the city parks this winter, an event that is only seems possible every five or six years.

Now, it is just a little past noon and it is still snowing quite hard. At this rate we are headed for over a foot of the white stuff, though the weather forecasters have a different scenario in mind. They think warm air will get mixed in aloft and create freezing rain or even pure rain. Right now this looks like a ridiculous assumption, especially since the temperatures are close to the twenty degree mark. However, from past experience I do know that this does sometime happen, for the ground temperature does not completely determine, what type of form the precipitation will arrive in. However, at this point in time on the ground, I would be surprised to see a turnover.

This particular storm (blizzard really) is expected to last into the wee hours of Monday morning. At the present rate over a foot seems to be the likely outcome. Good news for skiers and snowmobilers all across New England and eastern Canada, though today is a good time to stay indoors and watch the snowflakes whizz by. Besides I need to catch with some of my bill paying.

This snowfall will definitely make for a white Christmas, which is less than two weeks away. The sun will come out and make everything look very beautiful. Then it will probably snow some more. Actually white Christmas is not the appropriate term here, I think polar Christmas is more like it.

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