Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day

Strings of Christmas Lights On The Porteous Building In Portland, Maine

More Christmas Lights in downtown Portland. I took a long walk on Christmas Eve and of course I brought along a trusted friend, my Kodak Digital Camera, which actually takes pretty good pictures, even at night. And that's what I have been doing at night lately. A healthy December snowfall, mixed in with a healthy dose of seasonal light shows and all of a sudden the ingredients are all available for some exciting winter photographs.

Christmas Day has been a quiet day for me. I slept until noon which was a fantastic thing to do. Then I drank a lot of egg nog that I mixed with some Blackstrap Rum. The rum was a recent purchase and a very tasty addition to the Christmas Day fare, which included a beef steak, mashed potatoes, fried kale, jellied cranberry sauce and some chocolate ice cream. What a feast!

Two holiday videos kept me from feeling too gloomy about spending the holiday season alone. The first being "Letters From Iwa Jima", which was a rather dark tale about the Japanese defense of the Pacific Island during World War II. For forty days the Emperor's troops made a determined and spectacular defense of a small Pacific atoll. The movie was a sympathetic look into the struggles of the ill-fated troops as the battle progressed towards the inevitable outcome of an American victory. Against all odds the Japanese held out for forty days in a battle that should have been over with in a few days. The hard part for me to take was way the Japanese were portrayed. I know Eastwood was trying to be sympathetic to the Japanese, but the fighting men in this film seemed incapable of a defense that would have lasted more than a day or two, much less the forty days that really happened.

The other movie a nutty, Spanish farce called Gaudi. It was filmed in Barcalona among the buildings of the great architect, which only adds to this delightful offbeat comedy, which is sure to warm the hearts of anyone, who watches it. It is not a holiday film per se, but it revolves around a struggling translator, who is approached by a spectacularly sexy American woman, who has just arrived in the Spanish city to try and locate a missing husband. Nothing is the same after the two meet and then try to locate the unaccounted for spouse. A delightful story.

Well so long for now wish I had another DVD to watch, but I don't so I think I'll lie down for a while and listen to Keith Jarrett in Koln.

Merry Christmas!!!Everybody!!!

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