Sunday, July 8, 2007

A Friend Visits My Display

Caution Tape Against a Red Plywood Background

       July 7, 2007- Today is a day of great mathematical significance. If converted to numbers, it reads 7/7/07, but for me it was just an ordinary day on the street. Actually, my numbers weren't all that good. I made only two sales, and one was to a friend, who stopped by to cheer me along. Still,the fact is that I immensely enjoy doing the street scene, even with a series of color photos, that could easily passed off as fine art.
       I came back to the street today after dodging raindrops all day on Friday. There was a setup nearby of a second group of street vendors, sanctioned directly by the city. Some antique dealers were supposed to be present, but I guess the city couldn't find any willing to take a chance on the square on a beautiful summer Saturday, for only about a half a dozen, arts and crafts vendors bothered to set up. Early results were mixed, but this Saturday venue just might have a chance of moderate success, even without the antique dealers. The Saturday event is scheduled to continue until the end of August.
       Fred stopped by, and took an immediate liking to my photographs. He took a few of my photo greeting cards home with him, but not before staying for a long conversation, concerning the glorious subject of color photography. I knew he had gone to M.I.T., and was commenting about the amazing images, that the Hubble has produced; and also how much these pictures of distant nebuli and galaxies, beamed back from the darkness of outer space, resemble micro-organisms seen through the amazing optics of modern microscopes. The similarities between the two is uncanny, and can be easily viewed by anybody with access to the internet.
       All in all the day turned out pretty good except for the $30 dollar parking ticket, I received while loading my wares into my car. I had only gone inside for about five minutes, when the ticket mysteriously appeared on my windshield. Silly me, I thought all the meter maids had all gone home for the weekend.
       I did not do any picture-taking yesterday, but I have included a picture from several weeks ago, shot in the near vicinity, where I was set up.

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