Friday, July 6, 2007

A Wet Day in Downtown Portland

Wet Pansies

      July 6, 2007- I went downtown to sell my photographs and color photo greeting cards, but the weather played the upper hand on me. I go to the city center, maybe once or twice a week, in order to set up a table, and then display some framed photographs on small tripods, along with a box of small matted prints and photo greeting cards. Here, prospective buyers can leisurely thumb through the pictures and when the buying mood overwhelms them, then they can take a picture of Maine, home with them. So far it has been a marginally successful effort, but a lot of fun. I get to sit and talk to all the browsers, all the while taking in the daily activities, that occur near our central locale, which is called, Monument Square.
      Today the weather provided all the excitement, as a cold front came bearing down on the sultry summer day. The first raindrops hit around 11:30, and then about a half an hour later a steady rain began to fall. The few vendors, including myself, packed up and then came back a couple of hours later, to set up again. It was after the first rain, which was rather light, that I took the picture of the pansies. They were growing in a cement planter, not too far from the square.
      The sun came out again and so we tried to set up again. This lasted about an hour, when a loud clap of thunder and a quick flash of light gave us sufficient warning, that bad weather was on the way. This second burst of precipitation was much more intense than the first, pretty much ending the day for us outside vendors.
      During this storm another artist showed up with a big round painting, that was wonderfully reminiscent of Australian Aborigine art. Kathy was her name, and she bought me a cup of Chai for helping her move some paintings through the rain. Pretty soon she had eight or so wonderful round acrylic paintings lined up against the storefront, where we conduct our business. I stood back aways, in the lingering rain showers, and admired her incredible paintings, as did everybody else who was passing by. She decided to stay till dark as it looked like the rain would finally end, while the rest of us decided that tomorrow would be a better day.

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